Hi there I’m Chris!

I create custom web apps for starts-ups that are leveraging the power of data to create market-leading platforms.

Maybe I can help you, too.

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What I can help with?

Rescuing Software Applications

You find that your project is lurching from one problem after another. In the pit of your stomach you have a feeling that something is horribly wrong.

The natural thing to do is ignore your gut feeling until it is to late!

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Custom Software Development

Using data to solve business problems and gain a competitive advantage

Provide custom development that is truly 100% customised for you.

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Coding Review

One of the largest expense for start-ups is writing the code.

Don’t leave it to chance that this has been done correctly! Well written code saves money, by reducing the maintenance cost and time to adopt new business opportunities.

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New Site Redesign

I have finally finished! My site has been completely re-designed. It is less fancy but focuses on my core expertise: Ruby on Rails, Javascript and AngularJs.


Ctags for Ruby

If you haven't used Ctags in VIM for rails development then you are missing out. I have found being able to jump to the defining method a huge time saver. The rails code is well documented and I usually learn something while I am there


Adding Javascript Libraries to a Rails Project

This blog post will examine three common ways of adding JavaScript libraries to a Rail's project, and why I come out in favour of using rails-assets gems.